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Project Black Studios – Prologue

project black studios mixed up burgers

Project Black Studios entertaining a full house during a “Mixed Up Burgers” viral video shoot.

Project Black Studios was founded in October of 2003… which is a flattering way of saying “Adrian took $80 to tape, edit and replicate 10 copies of a three-hour pro wrestling show on VHS.”

Hey, man!  A gig’s a gig when you’re just starting out!

That single pro wrestling show expanded to weekly taping/editing gigs within the organization.  Word got out about the hot shot “video guy” and soon he was shooting and editing every week for a new, higher-paying professional wrestling company!

What began as a hobby graduated to an obsession – In order for Project Black Studios to take off, Adrian knew we needed more cinematic cameras, brighter lights, cleaner sound, thousands of dollars worth of computer stuff along with the knowledge and experience required to operate it…

…but more than anything, we needed to make a movie.

Project Black Studios – Three Movies Later

Bubba's Chili Parlor

Adrian Santiago on the set of “Bubba’s Chili Parlor” outside Lake Tawakoni, TX.

Adrian Santiago and Project Black Studios has worked on numerous productions including three feature-length independent films:  “Bubba’s Chili Parlor(2008 – imdb.com), “GRIM(2010 – imdb.com), and “Skunkape Hunters in Texas(2011 – imdb.com).

We’ve also got our fingerprints all over dozens of short films, live concerts, viral videos, demo reels, podcasts and professional business video productions.  Adrian Santiago has personally been contacted to teach the “HD Guerrilla Style Filmmaking Workshop” in Dubai, UAE and the “Acting on Screen Workshop” in Dallas, Texas.

Most recently, Project Black Studios completed shooting, editing, and authoring the Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital On-Demand release of “IHWE Old School Hustle 2014(2015 – Link)

adrian santiago independent film project black studios skunkape hunters in texas

“Skunkape Hunters in Texas” – The third feature length independent film Directed by Adrian Santiago

Perhaps your production is in need of an Award-nominated Director of Photography?  Maybe an award-nominated Special Effects Artist?  How about an experienced Hair and Make Up Artist?  Or a Gaffer who owns his own local theatrical lighting business?  Can you benefit from an incredible Sound Designer with decades of anime and independent film credits?  Do you need a man running Live Sound Mixing for your concert or internet podcast?

Discover the production value that Project Black Studios can add to your work on our About Us Page!

Project Black Studios – Our Workflow

project black studios

Adrian Santiago shooting a music video for “The Russ Martin Show” (Afternoons 3:00pm – 7:00pm 97.1 FM Dallas/Fort Worth)

The workflow of Project Black Studios is established from many years of trial and error… and we have learned the best way to keep a “low budget” production on track is to always include “time” as an expense.

We’re not talking about “time” as an excuse for blowing past deadlines – We’re talking about the time it takes to realistically take an independent film through pre-production, principal photography, post production… all the way to distribution if needed.

We shoot using the Panasonic DMC-GH3 – A powerful Micro Four Thirds DSLR capable of delivering razor-sharp, high-bitrate .MOV Format footage at 1080p (1920×1080).  We are also able to play with overcranking and undercranking to offer slow motion and timelapse-style effects which can be further accentuated on the editing timeline!

advertisement professional video adrian santiago project black studios independent film word chums

A scene from “Melvin’s Bad Day” – An online advertisement for People Fun’s “Word Chums” mobile game!

In-house, we edit on a quad core PC running Adobe Premiere CS6.  We are able to produce deliverables on DVD, Blu-ray, Portable Hard Drive.  Lately, there has been increased demand for quality Digital Formats (such as streaming video for YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and we are also capable of producing these files as well… ready for upload and sharing!

Adrian Santiago and Project Black Studios knows the process to take ideas and translate them effectively to the screen.  We were so confident in our abilities that we took a gamble and Produced, Wrote, Directed, Shot, and Edited our first completely solo feature film effort, “GRIM” in just 12 days on a paltry budget of $2,500.

project black studios troma grim

Project Black Studios first in-house $2,500 feature film was signed to a DVD and Digital Distribution deal with Troma Entertainment, LLC.

“GRIM” picked up three nominations for Project Black Studios, such as “Best Cinematography in a Feature Film” (Adrian Santiago), “Best Special Effects in a Feature Film” (Garrett Wilkerson), and “Best Villain in a Feature Film” (Scott Mollette) from the Action on Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA.

The best part?  “GRIM” even got it’s own DVD / Digital release in the United States by legendary independent film distributor, Troma Entertainment, Inc. – An accomplishment less than half of all independent feature films produced each year achieves.

The movie has since achieved a cult following.  In 2014, The North Door in Austin, TX hosted a special screening of “GRIM” where members of the cast and crew were present for a Live Q&A.

Hiring Project Black Studios

project black studios demos auditions

We also record and edit professional demos or audition footage for individuals!

As you can imagine, Adrian Santiago and Project Black Studios receives a LOT of requests for work.  It comes in e-mails, over social media networks, phone calls and texts… from potential clients in Dallas / Fort Worth and beyond.

Frankly, we love it.

Due to a number of factors, we are not available to take on every video production request that we get.  We’d love to… can’t.  Please do not let this discourage you from contacting us!

We DO take on as many projects as we can handle comfortably.  Yes, we went out into the world and shot three feature films in only 12 days a piece, but it was hard!  It was stressful!  Ultimately, we were left with a list of things “We wish we could have done but there was no time left to do it”… and you will too if you insist on rushing THE PROCESS.

project black studios cinematic

Adrian Santiago has an eye for quality cinematic visuals, and takes the time needed to produce them.

Adrian Santiago and Project Black Studios is primarily focused on producing quality cinematic visuals, and that takes time.  It takes us time as independent filmmakers because it takes big Hollywood productions with millions of dollars time… it is simply THE PROCESS.

THE PROCESS varies from project to project, but clients can always be assured that THE PROCESS is put together in the interest of saving time, saving money, and doing things “the right way”.

If your independent film, corporate video, educational video, or local business advertisements can benefit from a crew of talented people who have an established history of delivering award-nominated cinematic style presentations, Please Contact Us!

WARNING:  Adrian Santiago and Project Black Studios are explicitly NOT in the business of turning your $500 budget into $1,000,000 overnight.  If that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere – You’re a fool and we’re not interested.

adrian santiago project black studios independent film love potion 420 demonic chronic

A scene from “Love Potion #420” – A romantic comedy made for the 2015 Demonic Chronic 48 Hour Short Film Race

Please do not take this to mean that we are a high-end boutique service!  We work with projects that have shoestring budgets and weekend filming schedules all of the time!  If you are looking for a talented group of freelance independent filmmakers to come in and kick ass on your movie set anywhere in the United States the Contact Us!

Project Black Studios is also available for international travel – We keep our U.S. Passports active.

Investing in us and our equipment is often times a tremendous money saver and really helps to increase the production value of your movie or video project!

We will always review the details of your project and we will always reply!

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