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Contact us when you need a hand on your film or video projects!  Adrian Santiago and Project Black Studios is located in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex in North Texas, but we are available to travel anywhere in the world to assist with your production!

What do I Need to Submit? – Contact Us

adrian santiago project black studios contact us

Adrian Santiago had to balance himself, his tripod, AND his smartphone 20 feet in the air on a wobbly ladder to execute this selfie!

Contact us with all of the important information related to your project.  If you need to send an attachment, there will be instructions on where to direct those attachments sent to your email inbox.

There is no need to flood our inbox with your project… such tactics will likely work AGAINST your favor!

It’s called “Spam” people!

Tight Deadline? – Contact Us

When you contact us, we will review the details of your project and reply typically within 48 hours.  If your request requires more immediate attention, please be sure to send us the details regarding your deadlines – We can get the ball rolling quicker or point you in the right direction depending on what your needs are.

What if my Project has a VERY Low Budget? – Contact Us

project black studios rose cary hair and make up

Rose Cary going hardcore with the makeup for our off-the-wall “Word Chums” video for PeopleFun.

Having a low budget or a tight budget does not disqualify you from using this Contact Us form – We ARE independent filmmakers first and foremost, and we DO understand that money can be tight on a production.

That said, “If you want someone to do quality work for you, you need to f’n pay them.”

If Please contact us, send us all of the details you think is important for us to know, and we will work with you come to a suitable arrangement in exchange for the production value that Project Black Studios can bring to your low budget / tight budget / no budget production.

Warning:  WE WILL NOT WORK FOR FREE!  Please do NOT contact us if you think you can get us to budge on this – You will fail.

Contact Us – Submission Form

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