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Independent Film is a fast-expanding universe… one propelled by technological advancements and limited only by imagination.  Gone are the days when Independent Film was disregarded as “low budget” or “b-movies”… now they are viewed as tiny gems of unfiltered filmmaking potential:  Little playgrounds lovingly devoid of overblown computer-generated imagery and covert commercial agendas.

Through business networking, collaboration, and social media interactions, movie fans can easily access Independent Film… and Independent film rewards fans with tutorials, special effect workshops, reviews of expensive camera equipment, even a foot in the door to work on a real movie shoot!

Do Movies Really Cost $50,000,000 to Produce? – Independent Film

project black studios

Project Black Studios in action filming one of the final scenes in “Skunkape Hunters in Texas”

The short answer is “Yes.

The long answer is “No“… Mind blown, right!?

While IT IS true that some movies are created with absurd amounts of money, the undeniable reality is that the vast majority of films produced all over the world are done with budgets in the sub-$1,000,000 range.

Our independent film, “GRIM” was made on a paltry budget of $2,500 and still managed to get picked up for a DVD distribution deal by Troma Entertainment, LLC!

The big innovation that pulled back the curtain on the motion picture industry was “Digital Filmmaking”.  Seemingly overnight, professional grade independent film cameras got smaller, faster, stronger… and best of all:  CHEAPER!

independent film pardon me devil love potion 420

“Pardon Me, Devil” drops the metal on the set of “Love Potion #420”.

Of course, keeping your mind grounded in reality – “GRIM” cost $2,500 to make because we had access to an HD Camcorder, our lead actor’s father owned a lot of land, and we basically paid everyone in barbecue and IMDB credit.

We also had a special player in Adrian Santiago who Wrote, Directed, Shot, Edited, and Produced the entire feature film in a grueling 12-day Texas Summer independent film marathon.

Every production has it’s own unique demands, and WILL encounter it’s share of hurdles to overcome.  “Flexibility” can often mean the difference between a completed movie and a waste of time.

Adrian Santiago and Project Black Studios have “been there, done that” – Having us on board with your production translates into more time spent filming and getting better footage… which in turn translates to less money spent!

Feature Length Film Production – Independent Film

project black studios newspaper

“GRIM” from Project Black Studios featured in The Fort Worth Weekly following its DVD and Digital Release in North America.

Making a feature length independent film is ultimately a months-long process.  A typical production can be broken down into three stages:  Pre-Production, Principal Photography, and Post-Production.

Pre-Production includes conceptualizing writing and polishing a screenplay, securing financing, assembling a cast and crew, setting up a shoot schedule, and mountains of paperwork.

Principal Photography is the part everyone who wants to make a movie thinks about the most:  Lights, Camera, Action!  In reality, this is the shortest stage of filmmaking… often times taking less than a month on location.

ihwe old school hustle project black studios independent film

IHWE Old School Hustle 2014 was taped live at the Cendera Center in Fort Worth, TX. Available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital On Demand from Project Black Studios.

Post-Production involves extensive fine-tuning of the audio and video acquired during Principal Photography, submission to film festivals, delivering IMDB credit to cast and crew, and export to physical / digital distribution formats.

Are you putting together a feature-length film?  A documentary?  Perhaps you are putting together a concert video, or producing a stand-up comedian performance?  We are able to help you from beginning to end, disc and digital copies in-hand!

If you are an independent film producer looking to hire up a team of award-nominated filmmakers, Contact Us Now and tell us all about your project!

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Short Film Production – Independent Film

four horses adrian santiago garrett wilkerson project black studios independent film

“Four Horses” was billed as a neo-noir western by Ramirena Creek Productions. Featuring Adrian Santiago as Director of Photography and Garrett Wilkerson as Special Effects Artist.

Compared to their big brothers, short films require far less time and thus cost only a fraction of what a feature length presentation does to make.

Drawbacks?  A short film on its own isn’t very financially lucrative.  There’s certainly ways to squeeze money out of one, but it’s rare and depends heavily on the short film having that “it factor”.

Why do people create short films then?  In a word… “Prestige“.

For starters, short length independent films are accepted all over the world at IMDB-Qualifying Film Festivals… making them great for building up a resume early in a filmmaker’s career.  Many actors and filmmakers alike attain Award Nominations and Wins through their work on Short Films.

bubba's chili parlor project black studios feature film production adrian santiago garrett wilkerson

“Bubba’s Chili Parlor” was the first feature film credit for Adrian Santiago (Director of Photography) and Garrett Wilkerson (Special Effects Artist).

Most interestingly, people with feature length films in mind will use the short film format as a “proof of concept” for potential investors!

Basically, if you can only afford to make 5% of your movie, DO IT!  Having something tangible, something your financial backer can SEE and EXPERIENCE goes much further in securing funding for your feature film than excitedly shoving 100 pages of black and white text in someone’s face and gushing over the “millions of dollars” your ideas are worth.

Put in the work, get a solid proof-of-concept together, and include it in your presentations for private backers and public Kickstarter / IndieGoGo campaigns.  People are always more impressed by what YOU bring to the table… and the better it looks, the better your odds are of getting your feature length film off of the ground!

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Contact Project Black Studios for Independent Film Production

adrian santiago project black studios 2015 st patricks day parade dallas

Adrian Santiago weaves in and out of moving parade floats and flag wavers during the 2015 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dallas, TX.

Adrian Santiago and Project Black Studios is available for work all over Texas, The United States of America, and International destinations.  We are focused on delivering cinematic quality and steering productions across the finish line.

Ultimately, it is beneficial for both Project Black Studios our clients to get things done on time and under budget!

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