Feature Film Production

Feature Film Production is unlike anything else you’ve ever done in your life.  Forget what you’ve seen on television or in “behind-the-scenes” footage… Feature Film Production is a job, and a damned difficult one at that.

It’s Not Too Late to Go Back! – Feature Film Production

adrian santiago platinum peacemaker project black studios feature film production

“The Platinum Peacemaker” marked two firsts for Adrian Santiago – It was the first Western and the first “tapeless” project he worked on!

You will spend MANY MONTHS filling out paperwork, making phone calls, and sending emails compared to A COUPLE OF WEEKS actually filming.  You will miss important events with your family, you will freeze / sweat your ass off sleeping in tents on location, and you will run into problems during filming that will require a compromise of your “creative vision”.

Feature Film Production tests more than your abilities to tell a story and spend a lot of cash doing it… it’s a benchmark of your communication, time management, and leadership skills.

We assure you, this is NOT a “scare tactic”… it is simply reality.  It has taken us a number of years and countless hours on the road to come up with “The Process” – Adrian Santiago’s Magical Manifesto of Filmmaking!

project black studios adrian santiago grim feature film production

“GRIM” – The $2,500 Feature Film written, directed, shot, edited and produced by Adrian Santiago has achieved minor cult status.

Relax!  There’s no additional reading involved… it’s just flashy marketing mumbo-jumbo used to describe a straight-forward, battle-tested strategy for creating feature films on a budget!

It’s one thing to be a big “movie fan” and quite another to be a “filmmaker”.  Hang out on set just one day and it will change / ruin the way you view movies for the rest of your life.  Feature Film Production isn’t easy, but once you see your name scroll by on the big screen during the ending credits, you will be hooked!

Still with us?  Good… YOU are who we want to talk to!

Let’s get down to business…

Stage One:  Pre-Production – Feature Film Production

grim adrian santiago project black studios independent film feature film production

A look into the pre-production of “GRIM”. Here, actors and key crew members participate in a round-table reading of the full script.

Let’s say you’re setting out to make your very first feature film and have no idea where to begin.  Perhaps you’ve written a screenplay, perhaps not.

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